Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New Video up. Shiprock South Dike this last August.

South Dike, Shiprock, 2012  Picked out a nice spot on some tough ground.  Pretty slanty up there.  190 Ektar wide-field in front of a sheet of HP5.

  Photographing the South Dike at Shiprock early on a hazy morning.  Picked out my camera position and then slept on a big split boulder that was almost flat.  Almost.  Just used a little camping pad and a sleeping bag cover.  I'm supposed to be an expert at this and everything was good enough while being ridiculous at the same time.  Didn't want to sleep on the ground because of grit and snakes, plus the packrats.  I was right under the Black Giant which I have always considered home base for Shiprock Poltergeists.  (Just below me was where one tore a perfectly good Fuji 120mm view camera lens in HALF on an early visit.  Then some Navajo kids stole the halves.)  They don't seem to bother me much anymore but it might be because the prefer you to be alone so you carry a sense of paranoia along for the ride.  Had a packrat visitation in the night.  A little distant poltergeisting out in the air over the slope.  (Where are the owls when you need them?)  The last morning we were there.  After this we packed up and headed back to Texas.

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