Saturday, June 23, 2018

Moab Solstice Snake.

  Don't go there.  It's terrible.  You'll get lost.  Its a 10 mile round trip.  I saw a real rattle snake nearly too late.  The route-finding is very sporty and if you make even the slightest mistake you'll wander in the heat.  There's quite a bit of climbing.  Cactus.  Spiny stuff.  Loose rocks.  All that said...

A friend of mine arranged a ride for about half the distance.  It's really not a road or even a trail.  I wouldn't take a horse or llama in there, much less walk it.  I watched KL drive in and though I saw it with my own eyes, I didn't believe it.  Then we parked and started picking along through broken-block, gnarly, block-tipping, ascending landscape.  Makes the ruggedest parts of Yosemite look like a play school playground.

  But, through luck and lots of research and study of maps, videos, accounts, terrain, et...there we were.

There are few things in MOMA or the Louvre this good.  It's a stomp-down astounding holy thing.

We had decent light, being there fairly early.

  Shot four pieces of film.  Then fell off a rock into a boulder field below.  A little too casual.  Gashed my head, which was pretty scenic, but really nothing, but also broke a rib.  Could have been much, much worse.  Saddled up my gear and out we went.  Deardorff took a beating.  Lost some wood.  Ground glass shattered.  120 Super Angulon took a fatal glass strike.

Happy to be shaken but not stirred.  End of photography for the trip.  I had plenty of other lenses and a spare ground glass, but turned out IT was broken in the pocket of the car.  I'd carried it around for years.  We headed home one day early.

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