Friday, June 22, 2018

Crossing snakes in Moab.

  It's a terrific drive from Bluff to Moab.  Good pavement, new things to see.  The rocks put on a fairly terrific show.  Moab is like Six Flags over Red Rocks.  It's in an astounding setting.

  I'd located a 22 hump snake that is just near the entrance to Sand Flat recreation area.  The only problem was, in the last year or so someone had shot it up.  Unbelievable in this day and age, but there it was.  A genuine atrocity.  Someone should be hanged in the public square.

The light was afternoon sunlit awful, and the heat beginning to get focused, but its an easy access.  Needs to be seen in the morning, but I shot  some film.

  Has to be a solstice/equinox marker.  Lines up via compass with a bigger snake that is a June Solstice marker.  There's a little slab on the South side that ought to handle the shadow very well.  Vandalized.  

There's the slab to the South with a little faint ascending snake rising along the dark stain line.  This was an important site.  They shot up the little snake as well.  I'd love to meet them and hear an explanation.

Little snake is ascending at bottom bullet holes.  

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