Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Shiprock overnight.

  Shiprock is home base.  Wonderful to run my eye over long-familiar shapes and forms.  Old friends.  The rain, something I had come for, was blowing in and out.  I'd been trapped behind a waterfall once on the West face and gone to sleep while it roared over me.  Several times I had seen rainfall on the East side, but never seen the waterfalls there.  That changed.

Vintage Shiprock photo from eBay and 1940.  I don't think BIA 13 to Red Valley had been cut through the South Dike by then.  Most of the visitors came off 64 to the North.

The main East face fall.  Notice the little rivelet to the right.  Also one to the left.  A good downpour gets things flowing all around the rock, but just during the rain.  When it quite the run-off dries up in a minute or two.  This is after the rain, so I had already started to diminish.

Rock form I had never noticed.  Just takes morning light.

From a later and heavier rain.  Closer viewpoint.

Only lasts a few minutes.  I was frantically shooting film from inside the 4-runner.  I had 5X7 and Fuji 600T.

Later in the morning I headed North to Bluff.  When I drove off the rock, it looked like rain was over.   Looks like I could have had one more chance.

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