Friday, September 8, 2017

Shadow chasing.

  Climbed into the caldera with a little footwork.  It's not quite scaled for a human being. Everything a little too tall or too deep.  Rugged spot.  Since I was so remote I took extra care, but you can only limit the risk, not eliminate it.  The desiccated Horned Owl told that story.

  The neck was a natural astronomical observatory.  The views were East and West.  Great peaks and notches for shadow projection matched with significant stone features at just the right places.

West out of the caldera looking at a volcanic dike.  Bowl was full of bones from various raptors.

Worked all afternoon with the shadow.

One afternoon I just got a glimpse or two of the shadow.  The second afternoon I had the whole show.

Morning shadow to the West.

Afternoon out over the plains to the East.



The Keyhole as it hit the floor of the talus slope.

Spring foal that never saw the summer.  I gathered the scattered bones.

Two nights, one coming and one going.  Needs more work.  It takes me a while to get comfortable and see a site in various lighting.

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