Saturday, September 16, 2017

Back to work. Magic & Logic.

  Plenty of work in my little studio, plus teaching, plus working my negatives through pyrocat and proofing them.  All the time new ideas.

I tried putting some double exposures in a still life.  It's undergoing the mat/wall test now.  Holding up OK.  Had a couple of these combinations with landscape from the trip out West.  The moon exposure didn't work.

Puzzle pistol.

Scissor wrap. (gen II)

Cindy and I wander estate sales most weekends.  I'm looking for...things.  If asked, I just say I'm trying to find a good pair of toenail clippers.  I've been adding to my scissor pile.  This was a sudden idea out of nowhere.  This is the second generation.  The third generation is waiting development.

  Going West tomorrow to Zuni Pueblo to assist Chris Johnson on a video project he is doing.  Chris is writing a recommendation letter for a Guggenheim application I am putting in.  Will also see two more of my recommenders.  Just kicked the first part of that application off.  Now back West for a week, but I won't be doing my work, just driving Chris and seeing people.  I am taking my camera.

625 miles tomorrow to Santa Rosa, New Mexico and dinner at the Comet II restaurant.  God willing.

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