Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Quiet trip West, August, 2017

 You can certainly be alone in a room but being alone in a huge landscape with no one visible for miles is a slightly different proposition.  It takes the top off my thinking.  In early August, very quietly and with no mention in social media, I went West.

  The first day is always a long stride to Santa Rosa New Mexico.  625 miles.  After that, everything feels like it is in the neighborhood.

  Hit the signs West of Santa Rosa and gave them a chance.  Not much, but you never know until you stop.

  I come out of Santa Rosa early, so the light is on the faces of the Westbound signs.  Most are those new vinyl stretched constructions, but a few old dinosaurs remain.

   Checked with a few folks in Albuquerque and then continued West.  Pueblo Pintado was on my list.  I wanted to look at some corners, walls and surfaces.  Closed in spaces for sure, not the space of the West, but that's what i was remembering from earlier visits.  The wind and light were accommodating.  Headed for Shiprock, I drove West and North on a road to Farmington I hadn't driven before instead of coming out and going back up 550.

  At PP that feeling of no one being around really started to take root.  That was the feeling I wanted to explore.

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