Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Spring Break, Part IV

Recapture Lodge was full of interesting folks, mostly there to hike, see new petroglyphs, visit indian site and tour the area.  I had a very interesting breakfast every morning in the map room.  If I hadn't had my own agenda I would have begged my way into one of the groups going out.

I ate dinner at the Comb Ridge Bistro.  The menu was a little too vegan-ey for me, but I thought I would try the meatloaf.  Every once in a while you have an experience that makes you suspicious that you have died and gone to heaven without noticing.  The meatloaf was that experience.  It was transformational.  As I ate, I kept thinking, nothing can be THIS good.  But it was.  I tipped the cook 20 bucks.  If you are in Bluff, Utah and find yourself at the Comb Ridge Bistro and expresso bar, try the meatloaf.

After dinner I walked out behind the lodge to the river to visit the Ellen Meloy memorial there.  Her books are a treasure.  Jim who owned the lodge was a good friend of Ellen and her husband.

  Memorial sculpture based on one of her drawings of a petroglyph of a Stone Sheep in "Eating Stone."  I offered up the appropriate prayer.

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