Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Fighting Knives with Ice.

  Continue working this idea to see if anything emerges.  One of these could be it, but the assembly is still in the freezer morphing.  I love following a new idea around, in fact, the idea is the most important thing to me:  Have idea, build it out, follow.  Images never before seen in nature or culture. Two, (or sometimes three), iconic elements mashed up in a new way.  Making Man Ray...blink.

Pieces of mirror fall off...I weld them back on, then keep carving with hot water.  In the freezer, ice slowly evaporates as well.

  The Magic & Logic portfolio is getting full, but has hardly ever been shown.  Six pieces in a two-man show at the Blue Star contemporary in San Antonio.  That show moved up to San Marcos in a little university gallery.  Kinetic still life.  Something is melting, burning, balancing, moving, et.  They aren't still.  They require a camera to be seen.

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