Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Image flow: Spring Still Life work.

  Images and ideas flowing smoothly.  I'm on about a 25-sheet-box-of-8X10-HP5-a-week pace.  Many more ideas than here...I'm constantly lagging behind my proofing, where most of these iPhone files come from.  Testing fireworks in front of the lens, found a close supply for minnows...

Reshot this already- trying a darker background to make it glow.  Started taking it apart.

In church, I had the idea of imbeding dice in bread I've had sitting around for a year.  Then: puzzle pieces.  This is the next-to-the-last idea, blocked with iPhone.  Such a rickey arrangement that there was cursing in the studio.  I think that's why my dog Lucy doesn't like being in there with me.

Another iPhone image of the next-to-the-last idea.

Hated to let the Spring bloom go by without a wave at it.  This image currently winning the wall test.

These scissors sat around on the prop shelf for 30 years.  Finally getting some work.

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