Thursday, March 30, 2017

River House, Comb Ridge.

  Just two proofs from River House on Comb Ridge in Utah.  Many more shots to come but these two just came out of the only film boxes processed so far.  All the minus development and plus dev is done.  The real bulk of the film still waiting.

  Wanted to shoot this scene since a friend of mine sent an iPhone of it to me a couple years ago. It was as good as I thought.  It got a little plus dev on HP5.  HP doesn't plus much, so it just moved a little.  Pyrocat HD.  I shot it as soon as I arrived and reshot it again as the last shot.  This is the second round.  I'm sure I was seeing better after a couple of hours there.

  Love the feel of these inside corners in the ruin.  Going to be careful printing, with pre-fogging for the outside tones.  What a place this must have been.  Both 5X7 HP5 with a 120 Super Angulon.

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