Saturday, June 4, 2016

Settling into routine.

  Up at 4:45.  Out to shoot off Bright Angel Point.  Back to cabin to make coffee. Shot an interior, (just what I am avoiding), of Uncle Jim's cave with light bouncing around inside.  Added a couple of rock faces.

  Working the people-on-trails project and got an unbelievable photo with Hasselblad yesterday.  Going to keep picking at that.

  Rumor that this may be the last AIR class at North Rim.  South Rim already shut down.  They don't have budget or a full time employee to keep it up, is the talk.

  Got shirt and hat.  Doing a little driving today around to see a couple of the points and capes.  First lecture tonight.  Park is full of photographers.  Most of the work I see is screaming for a polarizer, just to take the glare off grass, for goodness sake.   It's a hard sell though, to folks who already know everything they need to know.

  Reading Man Ray bio a bit every night.  He's fun.

Iphone test inside Uncle Jim's cave.  Got an interesting shot out of there.

Rockface- cleaned up the edges.  Gotta really nail where these images start and stop.

#2.  Both with 450mm Nikon in front of 5X7 on FP4.

Trying out the volunteer shirt.  Was hoping for a badge and a gun.

Afternoon light in Bright Angel Canyon.  Shot it more high key.

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Denny1600 said...

You look official. Except for no badge or gun. The rock photos are great. I think I see smoke from all the fires in your canyon photos. I read on the GC website that the Grand Canyon AIRs are being suspended indefinitely. Too bad.