Thursday, June 16, 2016

  Back from the canyon.  1192 miles one way.  We pretty much just followed our standard route back.  East Texas looks lush and exotic.  One of the nice effects of the AIR is to get away from your normal working mode....and then come back to it to see how it looks to you.

Mule Girls.  

Sausage out of the pancakes I had for breakfast at the lodge.  We didn't have a candle, so this is a little field-expedient.

Last shot of the Transept.

Katie chilling at the cabin.

We got lost coming across Arizona, at least according to the Garmin.  It went nutty crossing the Hopi Reservation.  Of course.  I drove right between Oraibi and Second Mesa.  There is an incredible view to the south of a desolate horizon line.  Obviously a place of great significance.  We popped out at old familiar Ganado and dropped in to see the staff for a minute.  The archive actually had a box of prints I had left for the Canyon de Chelly staff to consider.  Nice to recover those.

  New and better place to eat on the other side of the state at Santa Rosa:  The Comet II.  Unbelievable food.  We always ate at Josephs.  Never again.


Denny1600 said...

Good AIR. nice photos. The mule girls is a great unique shot. The Transept is just mind boggling.

Robert Langham said...

If you could soar around in the Grand Canyon, you could actually see it. Ravens have the best experience.