Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Couple things I didn't mention on the trip.  First- I had bought a 600mm Fuji T lens just for the canyon.  Pretty early I broke it out to shoot at Point Imperial.  Since it's big it was in it's own wrap with no place in the bag.  I hand-carried it out to the overlook with an armful of other stuff and dropped it, killing it coffin-nail dead.  Aperture blades all over inside.  I wrapped it up and never gave it another thought.  It's in a box I haven't opened.  Maybe Havel Camera can resurrect.

  Second- I had a darkcloth slither away from me crossing a parking lot early one morning at the Lodge.  It was only missing for about 90 seconds before I doubled back.  Had the Z6 bag over a shoulder and the tripod with 5X7 over the other with the cloth for a pad.  It got away.  I hustled back just in time to see a white van driving out the far end of the parking.  It never showed up in lost and found.  I wonder what they thought it was.  For some reason I had packed my old darkcloth, vintage 1975.  Used it the rest of the way but the black side has gotten so rotten that it rips at a touch.  Never had two darkcloths on any trip ever in 45 years.

  Black side was made of an old blackout curtain that hung at Sam Houston State U to give cover to an old linotype machine.  They junked the machine and the curtain went as well.  We cut it into about 20 dark cloths and passed them out.  Nancy Michaelewicz could sew and put a white side on it, along with several others.  Lotta service out of that thing.  The one I lost was a much lighter and newer one from some surplused-out view cameras that the school auctioned last year.

  First film processing today.  Just cleaning out 8X10 kinetic still life film before I start on the 5X7 from the Canyon.

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