Thursday, June 2, 2016

Cabin 42 on the North Rim.

  Rolled in after a LONG desert run yesterday.  1300 miles to get over here.  Nice enough cabin.  We we-arranged some furniture, I made a black-out for the bathroom window so I can handle film and I taped together the wreck of a wooden chair for a bedside table.

  Walked the Transept trail to Bright Angel point this morning blocking shots and getting here.  8000 feet.  Different that strolling around at Tyler's 487 foot elevation.

Hanging with the tourists...a group of Chinese speaking kids turned out to be....from Dallas.

Delicate mid-day tones over Bright Angel canyon.

Life, the Universe and Everything.

Monument Valley.

About to drop down to desert level between Page and Lee's Ferry.

View from the porch at North Rim Lodge.

Stopped at Santurio de Chimayo for a few prayers.

Katie at O'Keefe's.

O'Keefe garden.

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