Sunday, January 27, 2013

Proofing day.

Just starting to plow through old negative boxes.  Got one open next to the enlarger but it's slow going. Printed off the end of a box of paper this afternoon while proofing film from the last two weekends up at Clarksville.

  Looks like the first look at something is usually the best.  Went back to several subjects and made worse photos the second time.  Hmmmm.

Owl neg going to make a nice print.

Just four 8X10 negs but might have something to try as a platinum contact, if I can get coating smooth enough.

  Tried stacking a polarizer and a green filter two times.  Both sets of negatives are underexposed by about a stop and a half, though I metered through them.  Have to check that versus metering the subject and then adding the filter factor, see what the difference might be.  Otherwise, just add more exposure.  No problems with either filter used by itself.

Just keep on.  Live and learn, then die and forget it all.

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