Friday, February 8, 2013

More Plowing through files of negatives.

  It gets a little weird at times when you have completely forgotten, (until you see the image) about making the shots.  I did notice that by this box I had bought a wide-angle lens for my 5X7.  It was a Fuji 120mm later killed by a poltergeist at Shiprock and replaced with a 120 Super Angulon.  Sure made a difference in the shooting.

Holly at the lake under some penetrating afternoon light.  Just an iphone copy of the wet proof.  I love the wandering shadows and the cow-cropped branches on the bottom.  These trees died two years ago.  They are standing ruins now.  This was 15 years back, at least.

Zeorlin gave me a sunflower.  I remember walking into the studio and the whole place smelling peppery.

Hay bales and clouds.

Swann Furniture sign stashed in the old brothel building downtown.

Upstairs bedroom, or workroom in the old brothel building.

There is, (not shown), a deep-river bottom negative of an old concrete bridge support standing in the middle or the Sabine or Neches.  Six of them, pairs of three slight variances in view.  Looks like a tombstone.  Love to go back and see it in overcast light.  Have to look that one up in the log book and see exactly where it is.  I hadn't thought about it since I took it.

Never proofed any of these negatives.  I haven't scratched the surface on the proofing to be done.

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