Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Shooting and shooting.

Picked up a truck-killed Great Horned Owl on the way up to Clarksville last weekend.  She was on the side of the road in the Sulpher River bottom.  Horned owls very common but you hear them more than see them.  Intact.  Probably dead of a broken neck.  (Driving up for some late-season management-tag shooting with rifle.  This is probably the shot.

First looks can be the best, but you never know.  On 5X7 Ilford HP5.

He lasted the weekend so I reshot him with 5X7 and 8X10 this weekend.

Moved him and shot him in the sun.  Pretty contrasty but I wanted to see the shadow.

And the next morning in the shade.  I'm always trying to find the best light to shoot in.

Now she's had a Christian funeral.  Birds like this tacked up will last through the Spring and into the Summer, though they start looking a bit worn.

8X10 standing by.  It travels folded up in that box with a few holders and accessories.

8X10 set up in the sun in the afternoon light.  That's the West wall of the barn and sun position is cranked over because of the time of year.  

Owl up in the loft.  Left behind up there in the dry and cold.  She'll dessicate.  Gorgeous, adult, probably female Great Horned Owl.  RIP.

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