Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Run to Houston to show prints:

Katie and I stashed Lucy at the dog-sitter and made a dash to Len and Cathy Kowitz home in Houston to show prints to a monthly meeting of a local photo group.  Very accomplished and prestigious bunch. Lotta photo-horsepower on hand.

Joe Aker assisting on prints.

Describing the meaning of meaning in the bottom of some image.

Demonstrating standard Shiprock poltergeist size.

Hawking the book that explains it all!

This morning we went to the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston to see the War Photography exhibit.  It's a big show: 500 prints, and very intense.  Probably best viewed in several trips.  From there we went over to Houston Center for Photography to meet the Assistant Director for Education, Juliana Forero.  Very nice meeting there and showed a  little work.  I'd like to get on their donation list again for their auction and the workshop list. 

  We hit Niko-Nikos for a late lunch and headed North in the rain.  Glad to be home.  In the darkroom tomorrow.

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