Sunday, June 7, 2009

Post Turtle: Southern Snapping Turtle on fencepost.

  Southern Snapping Turtle on fencepost.

  This photo is from 1993.  It has been featured on a notecard from Borealis Press since 1995.  The card sells nationally in Barnes and Noble, et.

  It spawned this joke, which has adapted and shifted depending on who is in the presidency.  First it was Clinton, then Bush, now Obama.  

  I guarantee you, there is no tradition in Texas, or anywhere, of putting live or dead turtles on posts.  It all started when I turned my coffeecup upside down and balanced this female Southern on it.  I use this same technique and viewpoint on several animals in the Blackfork Bestiary.  

  Photo in several museum collections.

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catfish said...

That's YOUR photo? Wow. Of all the things, eh?