Thursday, June 4, 2009

Afternoon shadow from the North buttress.

  Afternoon shadow from the North buttress.

  View looking East toward the town of Shiprock.  There was a stiff wind coming over the buttress from the West so I had to drop below the crest where it was nearly still.  A haunted and beautiful place for a person used to being inside the forest of the Blackfork watershed.

  Quite a hump with the 5X7 and tripod.  I wasn't sure it was possible until I had done it.  Easier the next time but always a little amazed to be able to get up.  I cached a gallon of water in the blocks at the top.  The blocks were full of little lines of quartz crystals, but my interest was in the show going on below on the desert floor.

  Platinum contact print (5X7 image) or silver gelatin image on 20X24 paper.  Edition of 40.  1,200.00

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