Friday, June 12, 2009

South Dike, Shiprock, New Mexico

  South Dike, Shiprock, New Mexico

  Shiprock is a very serious place and no part of it is more serious than the south side.  The energy pulses everywhere but is the most disdainful of human presence here.  I'm careful and reverential around Shiprock but I've had equipment destroyed on the south daylight.   You dare not sleep here.  Poltergeists would shake you out of your sleeping bag and drive away in your car.

  The South dike, looking like a buried dragon.  I'm not sure it isn't.  Overhead, behind and up the face is a malevolent dark rock formation that looks like iron ore.  Copied from a little palladium contact.  Makes a tremendous silver gelatin print as well.

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catfish said...

I think of the images of Shiprock you've posted here, this is my favorite.