Friday, June 5, 2009

Half Dome, dawn, Yosemite Valley

  Half Dome, dawn, Yosemite Valley.

  Chris Johnson and I wanted to hike up to the Diving Board on the edge of the famous rock face.  It is supposed to be an afternoon hike but it took us two trips and two years.  We spent the night there twice and hope to return again.  

  It is an incredible place to be.  Far off any maintained trails with uncertain routefinding on the approach.  Swifts, ravens and hawks blast over the edge.  On the face a solitary rockclimber worked an impossible aid route up the center.  It's a place where you tend to sit and talk in subdued voices.

  Platinum contact print, (5X7 image) or sivler gelatin on 20X24 paper.  Edition of 40.  1,200.00.

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Len said...

This is an absolutely stunning photograph.
I'll save my money so that I might own my own copy someday.