Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Negatives files.

Crop-barring through Shiprock files.

Blue filter on the 5X7.

Looking at images to find overlooked, unprinted negs.  I was very careful to level the camera inside the Salt Cave, but turns out it needs a little tilt.

Behind the White Tower on the NW corner of Shiprock.  Print over the fixer tray.  Easy print with some pre-fogging of highlights.  Not many people go to Shiprock, fewer still actually drive out to the rock, less than those go around the West side.  Hardly anyone ever goes into the big NW alcove behind the White Tower.  Sporty, steep.  Spooky.  There is a great flat area along a wall that would be a great place to sleep, but only a couple views out of there.  Hope to go there at least once more.

The Little Necks.  Over the fixer tray.  Have to print very carefully for this.  Can't add too much contrast...and all those lovely filters are just waiting there...

Going to print this, but need to set up for larger paper.  Might try a small version first.  Some images just "want" a certain size.  Roaring afternoon light in June.

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Anonymous said...

Love the first image of the necks. sure looks easy to push those tones too far apart! by touchy it sound like lots of fine wand waving?

I also love the view along the road with the ship to the right. serene, calm, waiting, expectant. I'd love to be driving out along that road an hour before sunset, excited to camp down in that marvelous quiet noisy desert.