Thursday, December 24, 2015

Magic & Logic, working through idea.

  Wish the process didn't require so much film.  For some reason, I actually have to put a holder of 8X10 in the camera and shoot a shot to get to the next level.  7 bucks a lesson.

  An old idea of mine, just getting it off the ground.  Learned several things...but already figuring out new things to do.  I need to break the edges more.  (I haven't dropped a sheet and shattered it....yet.)  One more half-sheet of frozen puzzle pieces standing by....all manual photoshop.  On to the next incarnation.  Plus I have to think up a title.  A GOOD title.  They are back in the freezer hardening up while I mosh it around in my head a little more.

  I cut the puzzle pieces out with a puzzle piece rolling cutter jig at a photographers place nearby.  Used black, white and cardboard.  In the water, they float so I had to freeze them in stages laying in the flat tin top of some metal box.  The black material comes apart in layers when wet.  Never know until you do it, then you find out.

Really enjoying the heck out of Sandy King's Pyrocat developer.

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