Monday, January 11, 2016

Over the fixer tray...

Since my negatives are now at the house, I'm spending time purging poor selections, making proofs, filing, et.  Making things simpler.

Two shots of the same scene.  Top with a 12 inch Commercial Ektar early and bottom with 450mm Nikkor a little later.  Spent the night on a tilty bolder to shoot a view of the South Dike.  Couldn't do that in present weather, though the shadows would be MUCH different.

Tinking around with the Salt Cave photo.

Pre-flashing paper to get the whites in, and trying split filtering.

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Nicholas said...

Neat to see the shots of South dike, amazing how the dike's shadow doesn't change much, but neat to see the ship move into view.

The pre flash seems effective in the farm photo. I'd be interested in seeing some of the work prints to see how you arrived at the split filter choice.

About how much time are you spending printing?