Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The map is not the territory....but that doesn't mean a map is not a VERY handy thing to have.

.....especially if you are about to go footwalk around on the territory.  Google satellite images taped together give a terrific look at the country.  I'm finding tree trunks pointing South, the way I need them to point, for starters. Looking at road surfaces.  Running fence lines.  Perusing good sites for pueblos. Don't want to get lost.

  Many animals carry maps in their heads, some globe-spanning.  I'm getting most of Petrified Forest in my head...but also on paper.  I'd like to think I could be dropped anywhere in that country and figure out where I was pretty quickly.  The rock layer most commonly capping the high mesa tops fractures SE-to-NW, for instance.

  Will navigate with garmin as well.  Help from the heavens.  Just have to add water and fresh socks.

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