Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Petrified Forest Artist-in-Residence on deck!

Going to pick out some images to sell to defray gas, guide, film, food costs on the two weeks in Petrified Forest.  25X16.  Pretty dadgum good digital prints made by Chris Johnson and I in Oakland at his house in 2006 for a show.  Epson matte paper which was state-of-the-art at the time.  Unmounted, mailed in a tube.  200.00 delivered.  Just one of each of them.  The images have held up pretty well.  It was a biggish show, oddly enough they wanted to do white trees and Shiprock.  I was willing, always glad to have museum space.

Email me at Blackfork6@aol.com.

Shiprock, evening from South Dike.

Blooming pear with chairs.

Moonrise, rosefields.

Shiprock shadow from North Buttress.

Same area, different trip.  Or maybe earlier that same day.

Moonrise, blooming pear.

Shot this same tree for a couple decades now.

Nice little wild pear from the same field as above.

Fledgeling American Crow.  This is a stray image but was my favorite for a long time so I scanned the neg and had Chris crank out a few.  Last one.  Big.  Quite a story behind this one.

Couple more in the stack, just have to get a file of them.  Will put them up in next couple of days.

Thanks for any support.  Like a lot of you guys, I don't waste a cent.  It all goes to photography.

Wild Pear.

Moonrise, tree shadow, woodline.

South Dike, Shiprock.  Had to sleep on an almost-flat boulder to wake up in the right place for this.

Morning Shadow, Shiprock.  Was just a child at the time, slept on the Climber's ledge to see what might happen.  I think I started speaking in tongues when this fired up.

Moonset, Shiprock.

The Meteorite.  It's not really a meteorite, but instead a big block off the West Dike.  Has quite a presence.  I always stop to give it a pat when I'm up that side.  Several photos of it.
In fact, here's one.

And another.  Never seen the three all together.

Storm was rolling in and my friend Jackson pulled up in a jeep to get me just before the bottom fell out. We never looked behind us and missed what must have been a pretty good waterfall on the East Face.  Shiprock.  We thought we might be stuck overnight but 30 mins later the ground was dry.

The Pulpit and South Dike.

Near Encino, NM in the East side of state.  So old that it was shot on 4X5.

Shiprock, with a little rain storm over the end of the South Dike.

  Over-walking the ground on Google Maps. Pretty interesting to look at it as terrain and then switch to satellite.   I'm sure I could navigate on foot around the area.  Desert is full of roads, pipelines, fencelines, washes, buttes, mesas.  One of the common rock layers fractures NW to SE, so that's an easy compass.   Got several photographic situations in mind and multiple sites that I could find those situations.  Just gotta find the spot and be open to the surprises.

  In contact with several of the artists who have been there this year.  Making a list and checking it twice.  


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I would like to thank you for the efforts you have put in writing this website.

Robert Langham said...

You're welcome. Like a lot of us, I'm a working photographer.

Denny1600 said...

Awesome photos.

Robert Langham said...

Thanks, it's terrific country.

Mary Estrada said...

I love the black and whites, especially this one: Moonset, Shiprock.