Saturday, September 26, 2015

Prep time.

  Bestiary show to be delivered November 1st....and October 3-19 we are going to be in the West doing an A-I-R at Petrified Forest.  Might not get to process film until later.  The Blackfork Bestiary is mostly printed and ready to go for the Old Jail Art Center in Albany, Texas, though there are many details as always.  

  I'm not packed, but will be to travel West for two weeks plus. I threw a climbing rope and a sleeping pad out in the middle of the bedroom floor.   Katie is going so we are anticipating a wonderful time.

  Film bought.  Taking 250 sheets.  The digital folks miss out on the experience of a certain number of sheets of film in a box.  A film box holds potential in a way unlike an erasable card.  You know there are 60 or 100 camera set-ups in a stack of film.  There's also mornings and evenings and reloads and freezing blue cliff shadows and braided underfoot water and coyote tracks and wind breaks and moon rises, Ravens passing with a glance and deserted ruins and negative space and framing and waiting for light and long humps with all the gear after the light has faded.  It's just different.  Who knows who I will be when I come out the other end of this stack of boxes?  I hope a better version of myself.  Photography is a great way to see the country.

Update:  Hardly anyone does this, but I always Vista-print up a business card JUST for the A-I-R.

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