Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Trade Goods.

When I am out among the First Nations, I might need something as a gift or swappable now and then.  Thought I would take a few of these French Opinel knives.  Great little blade- I first bought some from MSR- Mountain Safety Research, back in my rock-climbing days in the late 70s.  We saw much newer models in France with neopreme color handles, but you can't seem to get them here.  Perfect for camera bag.  These are No#8s.  Might buy the next size down.

  On Amazon.com buying cheap used copies of books about the SouthWest:" The Case of the Indian Trade,"which is about Hubbell Trading Post.  "The Witch Purge of 1878" also set at the post.  "The House of Rain" and "The Way out" along with "Finder's Keepers," all by Craig Childs.  "In Search of the Old Ones" and "The Pueblo Revolt" by David Roberts.  "Painted by a Distant Hand" about Mimbres pottery.  Canyon de Chelly: 100 Years of Painting and Photography.  "Anasazi, Ancient People of the Rock," a photo book by David Muench.  "The Book of Hopi."  A whole pile of books out of Mesa Verde, both old and new.  "House of Three Turkeys: Anasazi Redoubt," by Dave Bohn and Stephen Jett.  Quite a pile to work through, though I'm kind of a book a day guy.

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