Saturday, February 15, 2014

Hubbell Trading Post Artist-in-Residence, April, 2014

Hubbell family residence stove-pipe.

  Thanks to some fancy letter writing by my friends and a timely application, plus....intervention of the Photography gods, I'll be at Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site for a couple of weeks in April.

  They put us up in a stone hogan-like building on the grounds and you work away with a couple of public presentations tossed in.  I've been reading historical reports, ordering used books on, looking at topo maps and generally looking ahead.

  It's early on a Saturday and I just designed and ordered 500 business cards that say Hubbell Trading Post Artist-in-Residence.

  Hubbell is just a little short of Chinle, Arizona which is the gateway into Canyon de Chelly.  I'll be in and out of there a bit.  I've dropped into Hubbell on the way there since the early 70s.  The National Park Service still runs the trading post there so it ought to be an active place to work.  Quite a long and interesting history.  There is an old Pueblo III site on the park grounds, so it goes back a long ways.

In the family residence shooting baskets on the ceilings.

Extensive rifle rack.

Current native arts and crafts.

Katie in the kitchen.

Up in Canyon de Chelly.

  I'll be working mostly with my 5X7 and film, though I'm sure the digital will flow pretty thickly.  Driving out.  

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