Monday, February 17, 2014

The map is not the territory...

  On the other hand, you can't roll the territory up or write notes on it, so there's that.  Got on google maps and printed out a stretch of one of the most beautiful places on earth: Canyon del Muerto, Arizona.  I hope footwalk it a bit in April.  I got a good bit more of the layout in my head today, even saw some trees I had been shaded by.  Antelope House to Mummy Cave.  I expect to have a few versions of this kind of thing along when we go into the canyon.

  Hubbell Trading Post about 50 miles south.  Canyon can't be entered without a 35.00 an hour guide except in your imagination and dreams.

Lucy dogging alongside a taped-up representation of Canyon del Muerto.

Canyon de Chelly/ Canyon del Muerto complex is like the Louvre.  There is a masterpiece around every corner.  And...uh.....I love the Louvre....but CDC/CDM has better art.

  Antelope House Tours!   We used them for three 12-hour days in 2012.  They didn't know anything much,  (each guide had different names for the same sites), but were good enough if we needed to haul a babysitter around for 35.00 an hour.  Pleasant kids.  I'm sure I will book them again.

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