Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Texas Historical Cannons.

Starting the TSRA calendar for 2015.....

Jackson and I shot a morning on the Battleship Texas at the San Jacinto battleground.  This is a little iphone image.  I mostly worked with my D300 Nikon.  The Battleship staff were very helpful.

The first impression of the Texas is how dark it is.  WWII camo paint, they say.

Jackson checking out Turrent 1.

Looks like there might be some details for a view camera approach on board.


Twin Sister replicas in the graveyard at the site of the Texan camp.

Flag drying.

Jackson with a 1911 issued to the ship in 1913.  Rare thing.


Calendar shot will be something like this.  Big guns and a lot of them.  14 inchers.

40mm Bofors AA gun dismounted on deck.

Twin Sister Replica in the theater.

Curator Andy Smith was very knowlegeable and helpful.  We were the first folks on the ship that morning at dawn.  I had visited when I was in about the 4th grade and Katie and I went a few years back.  This was the best visit with the most access.  The Texas is quite an artifact. 

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