Tuesday, October 15, 2013

First little printing run of the Fall.

Water temp finally down and I made a little run.  Over-did it as usual.  Printed on 11X14 all the way to 20X24.  Want to repeat this week.

  Zone VI enlarger as bad as any.  Very complex burning-in to get an even print.  Big light source and all the hype really didn't do anything.

Looking South from the nose of the Wing in afternoon light.  Big print on 20X24.

A show of White Trees coming up so I have to print a few images and send them into the frames as I go along.  Love this print but very tough to get it to the right emotional pitch.  Made this a little 11X14.

My old friend the Pear Tree.  Every year the development gets a little closer.  Wonder which one of us will go first?

Black tree with a little rising Moon.

The Dance Floor at Shiprock last Summer.

The afternoon shadow of West Hill at Shiprock.

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