Thursday, October 24, 2013

Still life-ing.

Contact printing the 8X10 still lifes.  They really look better on real paper.  Using Ilford Multigrade Warmtone.  I just ran the contacts under the proofing enlarger while I worked on enlarged prints on the Zone VI enlarger.  When I finished I had 12 contact prints!

Pilates student dropped one of my nautilus shells....but really made it even more interesting.

All the scavenged materials I have around- shells, bones, desert-rusted cups, busted hotel crockery from Connecticutt...using it all, plus some.  These are all in a big tin funnel Debbie Fleming Caffery gave me.

Working through this progression.  I thought I was done but I might have just been starting to learn.

Light from the other side.

And from the other, other side.  Lighting on these looks simple, but it's pretty complex.

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