Friday, February 15, 2013


  This must be about 1987.  Struggling through a really difficult time in my life and not being able to make any headway or see a way out.  Somehow I had bought myself a 120mm Fuji wide angle for the 5X7, (later destroyed by a poltergeist at Shiprock and then the pieces of it stolen by indians), and it fit my vision perfectly for that format.  Going through these old negs every once in a while I find one that looks like it works.  I'm sure I won't ever print these, but they are nice pieces of seeing.

Little Sandy Hunting Club boathouse.

Deserted driveway.

iphone images of the proofs while I was sleeving and refiling the negatives.  Got that old central composition going.  Just in the cold darkroom for about an hour and a half to finish off this box.  Whole box of negatives is now proofed and...on to one of the next 30 or 40 boxes.

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