Saturday, December 8, 2012

TCC Photo Gallery show opens.

25 prints up.  Tammy Cromer-Campbell did a nice jog sequencing and hanging them.  Sold five during the evening as a nice crowd came and went.

This one went to some friends from Dallas.  Nice print.  They got the first silver print of it, ever.  I've had as a digital scan but never printed it on real paper.  Very satisfying print and a well-behaved negative.  On Ilford Multigrade warmtone.

Dr. Sneed talking to Scott Campbell in front of The Dot.

One of my students, Michael Morse along the gallery wall.  He and his mother came along with Edie, their dog.  I barely remembered to take a photo, was busy talking all evening.

Katie and Dr. Sneed at Osaka, just around the corner downtown.

Sneed and I spent the day taking down my Omega D3 and putting up the column and head of a Zone VI enlarger I bought from the estate of Mark Noble in Washington State.  The electrics are still coming so it's not operational, but looks like it's going to be fun to use.  Fred Picker, RIP, along with Mark.

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