Friday, December 7, 2012

New old used enlarger.

  Problems with printing multigrade papers and enlarger head illumination, (nearly all of them are uneven), led me to start shopping around on Ebay for the last enlarger ever designed...a Zone VI model 2 5X7.  Found one in Washington State and managed to get it for a fair price.  One of those pack-and-ship Fed-Ex/UPS stores overcharged me for shipping it down here, (about 4X what normal shipping might be.)  My current enlarger is a 1955 Omega D3, built for 5X7 with a huge domelight-with-flourescent-tube head.  I've made some great prints with it, but it's awful for even illumination with hotspots at all corners.  If you have a dark negative, it's hardly noticeable but lighter tones are always tough.

  Trading my 60 year old enlarger for a 21 year old one.  There aren't any enlargers from this century.

Omega D3 5X7 coming out.

Zone VI 5X7 going in.

  I'm hoping the ZoneVI is a fix.  Got it in today and now I have to uninstall my D3 and install this one.  Looks great.  Hoping for the best.   All the timers, stabilizers, lenses and negative carriers are coming in at a reasonable rate via the seller and my Fed-Ex account number.

Elwood 8X10.

  The usual disaster.  I have most of an 8X10 enlarger, a corroded Elwood, beached on the studio floor.  I rebought a head I had sold for my D2,  (the aristo now a spare), bought longer lenses and mounted them with great effort on the D3, (still missing one lens flange), now they have to go over to the Zone VI.  Bought another D3 at a bargain off ebay, but they couldn't make a reasonable shipping price from New Jersey so that was cancelled.  Purchased everything twice, as always.  I'll start ebaying out the spare parts I guess.

  This one belonged to Mark Noble, from Washington State.  He bought it in 1991.   His widow is selling his darkroom stuff bit by bit.  RIP Mark, and thanks.

  Going to miss my little stainless steel wire filter holders that I rigged up.

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