Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Darkroom Reorganizing.

  Shelf up. I must have bought that shelf in about 1995.  Never been installed anywhere.  It's really a great shelf. That cleared the clutter off the counter top.  Lots of stuff going out the door.  Maybe today the lenses and electrics will come in for the new enlarger and I will see if it actually comes on!

  Close enlarger is an Omega D2 with an Omega cold light head on it.  Had an Aristo Grid head on there but the light color was too blue to print on multi-grade paper so I switched back to the dome/ring-tube light head.  It's got a negative of White House Ruin in it from 1976, cranked up high enough to make a 16X16.  Just waiting on a printing day.

White House Ruin, Canyon de Chelly, 1976

Going to be fascinating to see how much better/different the Zone VI enlarger prints than my old big Omega.  It had uneven illumination in the corners where the tube in the head was closest.  Didn't matter much on some negatives but was a bear to handle on negatives with delicate skies or lighter ones.

My darkroom gun is a loaded M1 Get-Off-My-Lawn Garand.

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