Friday, April 14, 2017

Edition printing.

  Aiming for 10-12 16X20 prints of this 1998 negative of a Moonset on a cold November morning at Shiprock.  Plenty of Ilford Multigrade Warmtone paper.  I know the negative...sounds easy.  Just a mornings work.

  Using a Zone VI Type II enlarger with a Modern Enlarger Lamp LED head.  The six LEDs in the lamp head are Cree XL warm tone lights.  Using an old LEKTRA timer.  Exposure is 45X2 at F16.  Dektol 1:1 with some extra Hydroquinone to boost contrast.

  Warmed up the previous days with roll film negatives from several print orders.  Printing in a stretch of days, not just one day, improves my printing.

  Print orders from the 50 images currently hanging at the Tyler Museum of Art.

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