Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Darkroom proofing

Struggling with enlarger illumination, plus the normal life flaming cat-juggling.  Nice to get into darkroom to process film from Utah and start looking at a few proofs.  I split the film in half, since I shot doubles of everything, processing one and saving the other for adjustment.  So far, nothing much to adjust.

 South Dike at Shiprock..  I've shot from this spot for years.  Probably could make a show of just South Dike.  Slept up here a couple of times to catch dawn light.

Later lower shot.

A view of the West Dike from the same spot.  All 5X7 and HP5/Pyrocat.  No filters.

Moonset the afternoon before with the shadow.  No filter.

Light in the desert.

Interiors at River House.  I see interiors, and love the light, but not sure of the way I am handling them.

Near Santa Rosa, New Mexico on the way in from Texas.  When I saw this, I felt like it was going to be an interesting trip.  The artists prayer:  Just let me see the next thing.

Always looking for addition to the Blackfork Bestiary.  These are some wasps that built a nest inside the studio screen door.  It started with one little wasp, when it grew to five I had to move them.  I think the colony is still alive and building this Spring.

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