Monday, January 30, 2017

Venetian Amerind Trade Beads.

  The miracle of Ebay.  I bought ten beads traded to American Indians before 1800.  At least that's what they say.  There isn't any provenance, just Paypal.

  The story is that they are Venetian glass beads produced on an island North of Venice before 1800 for the indian trade.  Came from an area on the Great Plains.  11.00 or so, delivered.  I'd picked up a blue bead on a Caddo site cut by a road West of Tyler and wanted to compare it to something authentic.  I don't know for sure that these are it, but seems reasonable.

  Been carrying one around in my pocket to remind me of previous lives lived in America.  Touching in during church, taking it out during radio show on the arts.  Looking at it as a talisman, a memento of the past.  Cindy and  I did a little round of estate sales on Saturday and I picked up a shot glass to put them in.  It's just more clutter but maybe clutter is what life is.  All artists want to live an enchanted life.

  Just let me see what's next.

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