Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Brick Street Anthology Opens.


Michael McClendon, enologist and wine maker at Kierpersol Estates.

 Thursday, January 26th at 5;30 will be the members preview of Brick Street Anthology, Working title was 100 Tylerites.  Been shooting on it this year through Katie's exit.  Sorry she didn't get to see it.

  50 framed pieces.  All film and darkroom work.  Used the Hasselblad all the way, though I thought about the Fugi 6X9 and the Deardorff 5X7.  Went with roll film.  All HP5 in Pyrocat, printed 15 1/2 square on Ilford Multigrade Warmtone.  Nice prints.  Once I got the darkroom set and the workflow established it was fairly easy printing.

Rusty Mitchum at Skunk Hollow.

Robert McKinney with Armadillo.

Phillip Pruitt at Brookshires #8 grocery store.

Bailff Leonard Spruill and Judge Carol Clark with Justice statue from old courthouse at the Smith County Historical Society.

Baptism, DaySpring Methodist Church.

Federal Magistrate Judith Guthrie and Oak she planted, Federal Courthouse.

Prayer stack, Church-under-the-Bridge, Tyler.

AC Gentry working crossword.

Rose Parade, Tyler.

Miss Fashionetta, Rose Parade, Tyler.

Caldwell Zoo director Hayes Caldwell with shovel of Rhino by-product.

TJC President Mike Metke in front of Jenkins Hall

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