Wednesday, June 17, 2015

1982 Nudes.

  I don't shoot many nudes, but in 1982 some friends of mine were about to start having children and wanted some shots.  We went out to an old house I knew about and shot some 4X5 and some 5X7. I didn't have a 5X7 enlarger and planned to contact the bigger negs on palladium. The negatives had some corner flare problems and ran thin, so they never got printed until now.  The last of three kids just graduated from high school.

Should have cleared this set, stood the door up to block the window and exploited that great wall behind her more.  What a location!

  I wasn't any good at helping a model pose, though I was in a terrific location.  Now I have much better ideas..but no model!  If I was shooting this now we would be tossing furniture out the windows, repositioning doors, using reflectors, boosting the model around on apple boxes, et.  Still, I did get the shots they wanted.

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