Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Proofing Shiprock: West Hill.

The West Hill is a tricky drive and a fairly easy walk, though you are still motivating around at 6500 feet or so.  Its one of those 20 minute up/five minutes down situations.  There is a rock cairn on the top with someone's ashes inside in a container.  Usually has a set of unmatched lizards as well.  I had been there at least twice before.  Three trips up this visit.  The last two I parked my car end-on to the hill so it wouldn't show as much in the negative.

 West Dike in morning light from West Hill.  Probably a light yellow filter.  Cropped to fairly extreme horizontal format, though I am using the whole negative left to right.  Shot with 120 Super-Angulon.

Blue filter from much farther away.  Previous shot is from the dark-capped West Hill.  The Rock Cairn is right on the crown.  Can't wait to print this.  12 inch Ektar or the 450mm Nikkor.

Afternoon shadow of West Hill.  This is about as far South as the shadow swings.  Most of the year the Sun is to the South of this position and the shadow tracks over toward Shiprock on the left.

Rock Cairn, West Hill.  Just after sundown.  Birds use this as a perch it seems.

Nice blue filter shot of the rock from the West.  Cropped a little to the horizontal.

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