Friday, July 26, 2013

Navajo Fence Art.

  The junction of New Mexico 491 and BIA13 South of Shiprock, New Mexico is a natural meeting, vendor and hitch-hiking hub.  There is plenty of gravel to park on and plenty of traffic on 491 South to Gallup and BIA 13 to points West.  All three corners are littered with handmade signs for vending, church announcements, political campaigns, rodeos, target shoots, et.  Strong, well-built, four-strand barbed wire fences keep the desert back.  Hog wire runs to the corners from 200 yards out.

Wind-held plastic tarp in fence line.

In the fence wire, sometimes, there are paintings.  Stuck there by artists and abandoned.

I've never seen a good painting in the wire, in fact, they are usually disasterous attempts at art that demonstrate what art isn't more than they demonstrate what art is.

   These painting sometimes disappear.  I assume they are taken for decoration, to grace some hogan or trailer of minimal art appreciators.

  Other times, they suffer a different fate.  Like being burned in place.

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