Saturday, August 18, 2012

Shiprock: South Dike.

iphone images of the South Dike as I came and went.  Some of these from when I was set up and shooting with my Deardorff 5X7.

Light coming and going in large swatches one morning.  Dike from Shiprock looking South.  I'm up on  a big boulder on the Southwest talus slope.

Mid-morning light from the left.  

 Early morning.  Look at the nearly complete shadow on the right.  6:58 or so.  In position I had picked and climbed to in the dawn.
Black and white version of above.

Morning, still before 8:00.  Light from the left.  Longer lens.  Too close to the wall.

Wider view of above.

Afternoon, 5:00pm.  Light from the West.  I'm closer and lower.

 Up and further on the trail, afternoon.  Climbing rope.

Last morning.  Utah fire smoke diffused the morning light, but it's mostly from the left.

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