Sunday, August 19, 2012

120 sheets of 5X7

Deardorff with 12 inch Commercial Ektar and a nice shade on it.  The shutter on this one needs work, but in general I made some good guesses on settings and came out OK on the exposures.

  Starting to process the film.  Ran three sets of eight sheets in trays this afternoon.  Fresh X-Tol film developer.  They are looking oK.  I'm jumping around from box to box and just pulling a few per run from the last loaded film holders.  Not in a hurry.  Got a little roll film as well.

  Couple ruined by light streaks.  Need a really good shade on the 450 I think.  Generally they look pretty good.  It's a slight struggle with process and wash temp since the water out of the cold side is running up into the 80s.  I think the water main near the studio must be near the surface of the hot brick street.  The rains overnight cooled it down.  It can get near 100.

Update: will all my repeats and do-overs in different light, about 40 different scenes.

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