Friday, June 22, 2012

A summer of shooting and buying stuff.

I'm keeping a cold studio and full film holders.  Stacking up processed but unproofed film.  Mostly neighborhood things.  My Shiprock trip a few weeks back was cancelled by high winds.  Summer can be a terrible time out there.

  In the meantime I am selling old stuff and buying newer off ebay.  Added a couple of lenses and unloaded a ton of old stuff.  Looking for little bits and pieces and getting some old equipment repaired.  I upgraded my Nikon film camera that I will never shoot again, still hanging on to Hasselblad.  I have a full case of Deardorff lenses, three 5X7 bodies, (one waiting on a new bellows), and the 8X10.  Rifle team is taking up almost every weekend between here and the first week in August.  Flying to and from Camp Perry this year and planning a quick Shiprock run in August before school starts again.

  Today I received an old case for the 8X10.  It was really old and decrepit.  When I opened the lid dust rolled out.  Outside I knocked lots of dust and dirt out.  Plan to rip out the insides and paint it while inside and out.  Really awful, but might be just right for the Deardorff and some holders.

  Mat cutting.  A couple new prints up in the house.  Showing portfolio wherever I can.

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