Sunday, June 3, 2012

Passion for photographs, continued:

The cheapest collection ever, the un-famous and random Langham Archive.  Another ebay purchase.  It's a bad idea, because none of them are worth the very little bit I pay for them as soon as I buy them.  That's a bad rule to break.  I use them in teaching and love having them on display around the house, but they aren't worth anything to anyone but me.  Luckily they are cheap, so I'm not over-damaging my budget.  Fascinating to me to see images and think about how the photographer did them and the folks or places involved.

Could any image be, well, stoopid-er than a posed "weather" shot sent in from the suburbs by an amateur?  This wonderful set-up night flash image of a local kid, tea kettle, frozen water and foggy simply wonderful in intent and execution.  What humor, nerve and technical skill!  I hope the photographer was the toast of the neighborhood!  February, 1966 from Wisconsin. 

The Soledad Mountains, looking North toward Mojave, California, December 1934.  Notes on the back say it is 12:10, 1/100th of a second from 4000 feet with an A1 filter.  Scattered clouds and light haze and dust.  The photographer is flying and shooting, so I assume he is holding the stick between his knees with both hands on the aerial camera.

Another aerial shot.  A Phantom RF-4C overflies elephants on the Plain of Jars, Vietnam in 1966.  Official US Air Force photo service.

A moment in Boston, Mass, 1964 as a fireman struggles to retain balance after being struck by a bursting fire hose.

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Mark Kalan said...

I dunno - I think ebay photo finds are great. I bought a killer image of a nude woman with a kitten from some guy named Robert Langham and it is one of the favorites in my collection.